Celebrating more than 27 Years and still Open for Business
The Company
Zenith Distributors was established in May 1993 and has operated in the cold chain distribution business since incorporation. We do wholesale mostly in bulk, but do offer certain lines per unit to satify collect customers.

The company distributes frozen and chilled foods, mostly chicken, from a variety of local producers including the Big Brother brand, Irvines Zimbabwe and the Surrey Huku abattoir.

The full range of Colcom Foods products is now available from the Zenith premises. The company has re-opened its small shop on Dumfries Road, which shall be dedicated to the sale of Colcom produce. Colcom products are isolated from other lines.

Eggs are resourced from local producers, including Irvines Zimbabwe and Festive Eggs.

Zenith has on offer a selection of imported fish products, ranging from mackerel to kingklip.

Zenith Distributors also distributes fresh local yeast to leading bakeries in and around Harare on behalf of international firm, Lesaffre Zimbabwe.

We have in the past year become a direct importer of food additives for the meat processing and poultry industries. With lead supplier, Meljo Enterprises SA, we are able to source bespoke products and unique recipes for the market, at competitive prices.

Products available include-TVP soya, soya isolate, tapioca starch, protein extender (a binding agent) as well as chicken brine. We are in a position to quote you on any food additives or commodities that you may require that are not on our existing list

Recently the company, through its association with Meljo Enterprises has become associated with Crown National and shall be distributing Crown National brands in the near future.

Cold Store We have available 1 February 2019 cold storage capacity for 80 tonnes on short to medium term lease. Restricted use for frozen or chilled foods storage. No distribution therefrom permitted, other than through Zenith Distributors. If you have an interest, please contact

Zenith to Distribute Crown National Product Lines We have recently been awarded the Agency to sell and distribute the Crown National product range. This is an exciting development and we look forward to reintroducing this top quality extensive range of products to the market. The product range will include-spices, sprinkles, seasoning, marinades, glazes, rubs, food additives, casings labels and butchery equipment. A select range of products will be available by the beginning of July. Please contact us should you have and queries or specific needs that we can help you with.
Collect or We Deliver Zenith Distributors has made a concerted effort to bring frozen food to your doorstep with its geographically well spread van deliveries team who service all areas throughout Greater Harare, including the high density suburbs, and most outlets surrounding the capital.
Customers buying in bulk may purchase their requirments from our premises in Workington
Give us Your Distribution Business Zenith Distributors has been in the business of distribution for 25 years, servicing mostly the cold chain, but also dry goods. We are looking for new business in the cold chain and chilled foods lines and would be interested to hear from you. We have spare capacity for lines in frozen foods, dry goods (food) and beverages. To discuss please drop us a line by

Office Space for Lease Our associate company has office and limited warehouse space for lease in the Workington area comprising approximately 121m squ. offices and 60m squ. warehousing. Suitable for small marketing/sales outlet (in non toxic goods) with adequate parking and excellent security. Contact

Fridge Space Our associate company may from time to time have fridge space available for hire, if you are in need of maintaining the cold chain on frozen foods for a certain duration. Please contact

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